Bioma Hotel

Mompos is a beautiful colonial town on an island formed by the River Magdalena. It was once an important trading post - but, the river changed course and silted up. Now it is a very sleepy backwater and Bioma is its most comfortable hotel.

What makes this accommodation so special?

Bioma is a boutique hotel born of the careful restoration of a colonial house strategically located in the heart of the historical centre of this UNESCO World Heritage Site. There are some great views from the roof top over the town.

The Rooms

The handful of rooms are simple but stylish. They have air-conditioning, fan, TV, Wi-Fi and an iPod docking station.


Bioma has gardens, restaurant, swimming pool, terrace with 360 degree views of the city, jacuzzi and lounge. It's a really pleasant place to base yourself while in Mompos.

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