Calanoa - Amazon & Los Llanos

Calanoa is a jungle, reached by a flight from Bogota to Leticia, then a journey by boat up the Amazon for 60 km. It's a small, rustic lodge right on the mighty Amazon River.

What's so special about this Lodge?

Calanoa has a wonderful location, right on the Amazon River. It is close to Amacayacu National Park and Lagos de Tarapoto, home to a number of pink dolphins.

Description of rooms

There are just four guest cabins. Three are on the river front, and the fourth set back from the river with a terrace overlooking the river. They have a bedroom and bathroom on the ground floor, and a further floor above. Cabins are screened with mesh, and the beds have a further net. The views to the river are beautiful.

Description of lodge facilities

A board path connects the cabins with the dining pavilion. The pavilion has a central screen tent with a big dining table, and is located in a way that makes the most of the view of the river. Around it there are hammock swings and seats for guests to relax. Calanoa's cuisine is a fusion of local Amazonian traditions with Brazilian, Colombian and Peruvian cuisine made with organic and fresh local produce cooked over a wood fire. The owners are artists and work with indigenous villages, supporting educational processes, conservation of resources, sustainable economic practices and the preservation of ancestral knowledge and cultural practices.

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