Bosque del Saman

Bosque del Saman is right in the heart of Colombia's lush coffee country. It sits on a large estate surrounded by coffee plantations. It is a great base from which to explore the surroundings.

What makes this accommodation so special?

See the coffee producing process - from collecting the ripened grain to roasting and grinding it - then of course tasting! For an aerial view of the region, there is canopy tour covering 2,000 metres passing over coffee, bamboo and forest.

Description of rooms

Rooms are spread over a few different parts of the estate - with some in the brightly painted traditional farm buildings. There are also some newer cabins constructed from guadua - a kind of bamboo - set further away, surrounded by the plants from which they are made - these have their own jacuzzi. All rooms have private bathrooms and TV.

Description of property/facilities

Much of the hotel is made up of carefully reconstructed old farm buildings with the bright decoration typical of the region. There are two swimming pools, jacuzzi, sauna, board games, bar and restaurant. The grounds of the hotel include the canopy tour, and an ecological trail.

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