Uakari Lodge, Amazon

Uakari Lodge is a community-based tourism initiative in the Mamiraua reserve - the largest area of flooded rainforest in the world. This is a truly remote location, access by a two hour boat transfer from Tefe, itself 300 miles and a flight away from Manaus.

What's special about Uakari Lodge?

The lodge is managed in partnership with Mamiraua Institute and the reserve's local communities. The excursions are highly informative. Activities involve local guides, who enrich the visitor's experience with their traditional knowledge as well as a naturalist guide who provides scientific knowledge.

Rooms and facilities

This is a floating lodge with just 10 rooms. All rooms are simple, but have private bathroom and solar power. There is a restaurant, library, conference room, TV room, bar and deck area. Note that there is no phone or wifi access here.

Sample programmes

Stays at Uakari are of three, four or seven nights. Three night trips start on Fridays, four night trips start on Mondays.

Jungle trails: The lodge has a system of fourteen trails in the forest. Developed in flat terrain and on average, 3km in length. All were made in strategic areas to maximize the chances of wildlife viewing, and some of them were used by researchers in their studies of the ecosystem. Visitors go into the forest in small groups of up to six people.

Community visits: Guests can learn the history, way of life and customs of this riverine population. They will be hosted by a community guide - a local person chosen by the community to be the host. The community guide will show the main attractions in their village, and will share with visitors the history of the place.

Canoe trips: During the flooded season (May to July), the whole reserve area gets flooded. In this period, visitors will glide through the trails in small paddle canoes. On these trails, visitors may view different species of monkeys and other arboreal mammals, such as red howler monkeys, uakaris, squirrel monkeys and three toed sloths.

Mamiraua Lake at sunset: The lake is in the heart of the total preservation zone and acts as a nursery to some aquatic species. During the excursion to the lake, visitors may have encounters with pink river dolphins, hoatzins and pirarucu fish. At the end of the afternoon, at sunset, you can watch one of the most beautiful scenes in the reserve. On the way back to the lodge you may see like black caiman - the largest predators in South America.

Meeting researchers: Mamiraua Institute is a research snit linked to the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation of Brazil. Its researchers mainly study the biodiversity of the reserve. In the Uakari area, there are two research stations where groups of researchers stay during their field trips. The lodge promotes interaction between researchers and visitors. Evening presentations are often given by the researchers.

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