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Pure Amazon

11 days

Travel deep into the Amazon Basin, with a four night cruise on board a small vessel, continue to a remote floating lodge where you stay three nights before returning to jungle city of Manaus.

The Chameleon team have arranged many holidays to Brazil over the years. We suggest this trip for people looking to explore the Amazon in depth.

  • Spend four nights on a river cruise
  • Explore the remote Mamiraua reserve staying three nights in a floating lodge
  • See the Meeting of the Waters of the Rio Solimoes and Rio Negro

This holiday can be extending to include seven nights on the Tucano criuse, reaching more distant stretches of the Rio Negro. It can also be extended to include four or seven nights at Uakari Lodge.

Pure Amazon, Google map
Day 1. Fly to the Amazon
Departing the UK in the morning, fly with Air Portugal via Lisbon straight to Manaus in the heart of the Amazon, arriving the same afternoon. You'll be met at the airport and taken to your hotel, the Tropical Manaus which lies on the banks of the Rio Negro on the edge of the city of Manaus.
Day 2. Board the M/Y Tucano
You have time in the morning for a tour of Manaus if you wish, which can include a visit to the famous opera house. In the afternoon, board the M/Y Tucano. This excellent, small expedition ship has just nine cabins. All have their own bathrooms, some have bunks, others twin beds. Spend the next four night aboard the Tucano. All meals and excursions are included during your time on the ship. The exact itinerary and activities can vary according to weather conditions and water levels.

As the vessel glides upstream you will have your first talk about the Amazon. By late afternoon you'll have entered one of the world's largest river island systems, the Anavilhanas Archipelago. Following dinner you will embark in launches in search of nocturnal creatures such as caiman. You may also see one of the large night birds such as a Potoo with its bulging eyes and large mouth adapted to swallow the huge Mariposa Moths.

Day 3. Explore the Amazon from the M/Y Tucano
Shortly after sunrise, you'll explore a strange environment called the Igapo, the black water flooded forest. At mid-morning you?ll go for a walk in dry - Terra Firme forest. Today you'll also have a late afternoon excursion and a night excursion in launches. Later this evening the vessel will weigh anchor and we will travel downstream through the night to the Xiborena Peninsula that divides the two of the world's most famous rivers - the Rio Negro and the Amazon.
Day 4. Meeting of the Waters, M/Y Tucano
Rising early, you'll visit the Lago Janauari Ecological Park, a tract of dense forest flooded with coffee-coloured Amazon water. Explore a labyrinth of small channels overhung with gargantuan trees and vines. By mid-morning, return to the Tucano for breakfast and time to relax. Following lunch, navigate downstream to the Meeting of the Waters, where two of the world's greatest rivers, the Rio Negro and the Solimoes, flow alongside each other for several miles as their waters gradually mingle to form the Amazon. Travel upstream on the Amazon River into the late afternoon destined for a channel on the south bank of the Amazon where, conditions permitting, you'll reach a large lake called Lago Janauaca. Here you'll encounter an environment known as the Varzea.
Day 5. Explore the Amazon from the M/Y Tucano
This morning, visit a local settlement and walk through gardens to learn how traditions help families to survive in the remote interior. Time permitting, you will also visit one of the river towns where goods are traded that have been grown, caught, or collected in this vast rainforest. The Tucano will turn downstream on the Amazon River and navigate east with the swift current. Throughout the afternoon, weave in and out of the islands that dot the north bank of the river and enjoy vistas of forest and homesteads along the riverbank. In the late afternoon you should be near the Rio Negro and we will venture out for one more excursion along a narrow channel called Parana Xiborena or we will return to Lago Janauari Ecological Park.
Day 6. To Uakari Lodge
Disembark the Tucano in the morning. You'll be taken from the ship to the airport for the hour long flight west to Tefe, further up the Amazon. On arrival in Tefe, you'll be met and transfer to the river port for the 2.5 hour trip by boat to Uakari Floating Lodge, during which you can see wildlife such as river dolphins. Arrive around 1450, welcome drink and settle in to the accommodation. In the afternoon a local guide and a scientific guide will accompany you on a walk or canoe trip - depending on the season - through the flooded forest. In this way traditional knowledge is complemented by scientific expertise. Back at the lodge, before dinner, your guide will explain the importance of this reserve and the projects that are jointly subsidized by the Brazilian government, private companies and the Wildlife Conservation Society.

Uakari Lodge offers a unique chance to experience Mamiraua, which at 1,124,000 hectares is the largest reserve of flooded rainforest in the world. The floating lodge with ten rooms was originally constructed to enable scientists and visitors to explore the reserve, while ensuring minimal impact on the environment. Its name derives from the various types of uakari monkeys that inhabit this part of the rainforest. Meals and excursions are included during your stay. Excursions vary depending on the time of year and weather conditions.

Day 7. Excursions from Uakari Lodge
Visit a local community, where one of the inhabitants will show you around and tell you about their way of life. Following lunch, head out in small canoes to see wildlife. After dinner, a walking tour to spot wildlife such as spiders, opossums and other nocturnal animals.
Day 8. Excursions from Uakari Lodge
Jungle hike through an area where a variety of monkeys can usually be seen, even some uakaris. Optional piranha fishing. Take a motorised canoe to visit Mamiraua Lake in search of freshwater dolphins and hoatzins.
Day 9. To Manaus
Return to Tefe airport by boat and fly back to Manaus. Spend a night at the Tropical Manaus.
Day 10. Depart
You'll be taken to the airport for your overnight flights home.
Day 11. Arrive UK
To fit with cruise departure dates, this itinerary can start on the following dates in 2015: 4 October, 18 October, 1 November, 15 November, 13 December, 27 December. In 2016: 3 January, 17 January, 31 Januaray, 14 February, 28 February, 13 March, 25 March, 10 April, 24 April, 8 May, 22 May, 3 June, 12 June, 26 June, 10 July, 24 July, 31 July, 14 August, 26 August, 18 September, 2 October, 16 October, 30 October, 13 November, 25 November, 18 December.

11 days

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