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Your Honeymoon

If you're looking for an exciting and memorable honeymoon then you've come to the right place. With all the work of the wedding we understand your honeymoon needs to be easy to plan and book, have a perfect balance between activity and rest, and offer you a variety of romantic and well-appointed accommodation.

Our extensive and trusted network of partners spans the globe and we can arrange an itinerary to suit you wherever you would like to go. From an invigorating zip-lining adventure through the rainforest canopies of Costa Rica, to being barefoot on the beaches of Brazil, we can create you a honeymoon to remember. For a more unusal honeymoon perhaps trek to the lost city in Colombia, visit the cultural triangle in Sri Lanka or take the trip of a lifetime on an Antarctic adventure voyage.

These are a few of our most popular honeymoon itineraries:


  • Eastern Coast, Rainforest and Volcanoes, Family Activity Holiday Costa Rica
  • If you are looking for rainforests, wildlife and beaches then a honeymoon in Costa Rica is an excellent choice. Our most popular destination will leave you with memories to last a lifetime as you spot the resplendent quetzal in the wild, kayak on pristine waters, take an exhilarating walk through the canopy on suspension bridges and relax in natural hot springs at the end of the day. Travel during the nesting season from April to October to observe turtles on the beaches.


  • Lion in Tanzania
  • There's nothing like the atmosphere of a safari trip to mark the beginning of your married life together. Spend your days in the more remote Tanzanian Southern Parks where widlife abounds - spot lion prides resting in the shade after a hunt, elephants bathing in the heat of the day, and birds quietly passing by with the evening breeze. Enjoy fantastic accommodation, pre-dinner sundowner drinks on the deck and exquisite service after a day on safari - a honeymoon in Africa is one to remember.


  • Brazil in a Nutshell
  • Take a trip off the beaten track to visit some of Brazil's hidden secrets for a trip of a lifetime. Feel the unforgettable energy of Rio de Janeiro, discover a new culture in Salvador, and then make your way to the idyllic island of Fernando de Noronha. Here you'll discover some of the most beautiful beaches in the world with emerald waters teeming with dolphins and turtles, and endless white sands stretching on for miles. Finish your trip pottering round the cobbled streets of an old colonial town.


  • Borneo Orangutans in the wild
  • A honeymoon in Borneo may seem like an unusal choice, but with memorable moments such as observing Orang-Utans in the wild, cruising through the jungle on the Kinabatangan River, and discovering a fascinating culture, it's perfect for an adventurous couple. For wildlife and nature lovers Asian elephants, proboscis monkeys and hawksbill turtles are all regular sights, and ending your trip on an idyllic beach rounds off your Borneo honeymoon in style.

Our honeymoon hotel picks from around the world

Staying in the right places is the key to having a wonderful honeymoon, whether you want to have half more adventurous and half luxury, or treat yourself to the best-of-the-best throughout, we will suggest the best places for you.

  • El Remanso, Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica

  • El Remanso Osa Peninsula Costa Rica
  • This small lodge hidden in the rainforest above a secluded beach offers the very best end to a Costa Rican honeymoon. With just 13 cabins and rooms there is never too many people around. Explore the local trails, see turtles hatching on the beach and enjoy a canopy breakfast or rainforest massage to start your day.

  • The Nam Hai, Hoi An, Vietnam

  • The Nam Hai Hoi An Vietnam
  • This hotel offers the ultimate hospitality and luxury for an unforgettable stay. The architecture and interior design are based on wind and water inspired by feng shui philosophy. Enjoy an in-villa barbecue, the spa's signature 'love bath' and relax around one of their three swimming pools with views of the beach.

  • Deep Blue, Providencia, Colombia

  • Deep Blue Providencia Colombia
  • Finish up an adventurous honeymoon exploring the sights and sounds of Colombia with a stay on the island of Providencia, a hidden gem in the Caribbean. With its priviliged coastal location, tropical forests and views out over the turquoise waters of the Caribbean sea, each morning will start with a 'wow'.

  • Chinzombo, Luangwa Valley, Zambia

  • Chinzombo, South Luangwa, Zambia
  • The magic of Africa has been truly captured in this modern, contemporary and luxurious lodge, that spans a section of the Luangwa River. Share stories over the fire-pit late into the night, relax in one of the 6 villas or enjoy a soak in the free-standing bathtub in the enormous bathroom (bubbles included!).

For more honeymoon ideas take a look at our list here or get in touch with us to start discussing your options.