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A safari holiday in Africa can be life-changing. Africa safaris will take you to some of the world's greatest wilderness areas, richest cultures and most sensational wildlife. East Africa throbs with life from the tops of the mountains, across the plains and to the depths of the oceans.



Africa Safaris & Tailor Made holidays - Botswana

The most exclusive safari destination in the world, this landlocked country in the centre of Southern Africa is a land of timeless beauty and wide-open spaces. On a Botswana tailor-made holiday travel from the endless open savannahs teeming with wildlife to the Okavango Delta's rich wetlands and varied ecosystems. Wildlife such as wildebeest, zebra, lion, elephant, buffalo, hippo, leopard, wild dog and cheetah roam free across Botswana's vast national parks and reserves.


Africa Safaris & Tailor Made holidays - Ethiopia

Ethiopia has a rich history and dramatic landscapes. In the north, Lalibela is famed for its churches hewn out of rock, Gondar has dramatic 17th century castles and Axum is reputedly home to the Ark of the Covenant. The Simien Mountains form a vast plateau dotted with groups of gelada baboons. To the south are the Bale Mountains, the Great Rift Valley and the tribes of the Omo Valley.


Africa Safaris & Tailor Made holidays - Morocco

Morocco's richly exotic and entrancing culture taps into all the senses. On our Morocco tailor-made holidays you can discover magical Marrakech, explore the winding web of alleyways. Walk amongst the majestic High Atlas Mountains - the romantic back drop to clusters of ancient Berber villages, or simply soak the up the sun, sea and atmosphere at the laid back picturesque port of Essaouira.


Africa Safaris & Tailor Made holidays - Namibia

Namibia has it all, abundant wildlife, beautiful landscapes, great treks and friendly indigenous people and . Game includes rhino, lion, cheetah and much more. The world's highest sand dunes are here at Sossusvlei and the second largest canyon at Fish River. The desolate Skeleton Coast contrasts with the lush swamplands of the Caprivi Strip. The country has good roads and can easily be explored on a tailor-made self-drive holiday.

South Africa

Africa Safaris & Tailor Made holidays - South Africa

As an adventure holiday destination, South Africa ticks all the boxes. It is a country of diversity with big game viewing, abundant wildlife and natural wonders as well as atmospheric history, culture and fine food.


Africa Safaris & Tailor Made holidays - Tanzania

The Northern Circuit, including the Serengeti and Ngorongoro Crater, offers some of the planet's greatest game viewing opportunities. The south, with the Selous Reserve provides a more rugged safari holiday experience. Coupled with the idyllic white sand beaches of Zanzibar and the snowy peaks of Kilimanjaro with every ecosystem in between - Tanzania is a country that contains a lifetime of exploration. See it all on a Tanzania tailor-made holiday.


Africa Safaris & Tailor Made holidays - Uganda

Uganda is an extremely diverse country with an enormous amount of wildlife now well on the way to recovery since the end of Idi Amin's rule. Highlights include: gorilla tracking in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest; Queen Elizabeth National Park with its lion, elephant and buffalo; Kibale Forest home to chimpanzee and other primates. Birdlife is abundant.


Africa Safaris & Tailor Made holidays - Zambia

Mighty Africa entices many with its call of the Wild, and in the heart of that wilderness lies Zambia. A glittering jewel not yet polished, it offers a taste of a raw untamed Africa, with few tourists and a landscape boasting some of the best wildlife parks in the continent. Experience the the real Africa on one of our Zambia tailor-made holidays.

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