Tailor-made holidays in Asia

Our tailor-made holidays in Asia offer the chance to discover of some spectacular scenery and try some thrilling adventure opportunities. Walking in the Himalayas, tiger-watching in the national parks of India and Nepal and abundant oceans for snorkelling, whale-watching and relaxation...



Tailor-made holidays in Asia - Cambodia

The compounding, compelling and spell-casting Kingdom - Cambodia's magic is everywhere. Experience the symbolism and spirituality of magnificent Angkor Wat at dawn; gain insights into the history of the Khmer Rouge and the inspiring stories of a nation at war, as you meet the locals, trek through jungles and tour temples from the back of a 1970's jeep.


Tailor-made holidays in Asia - India

India is a land of diversity and extremes which is why it is a great destination to include in our selection of tailor made holidays. From trekking the Himalayan peaks and white-water rafting on the Ganges to fascinating train journeys and safari drives.

Malaysia & Borneo

Tailor-made holidays in Asia - Malaysia & Borneo

Offering a blend of beautiful landscapes, rich cultural experiences, breathtaking coastline and some of the best wildlife viewing in Southeast Asia, Malaysia really does have it all. Delve deep into the jungle in search of orangutans and elephants, travel by longboat down misty rivers, trek up some of the highest peaks in Southeast Asia, party in cosmopolitan cities and discover the rich biodiversity of the South China Sea on your very own Malaysian adventure, tailor-made to your individual bucket-list.


Tailor-made holidays in Asia - Myanmar

With temples, ruins, mountains and remote, traditional communities, Myanmar or Burma as the country is still commonly known as is a vast and fascinating country to visit. Burma has been off many travellers' radar for some time. However, with the recent easing of western sanctions, and the country's first moves towards democracy, now is a great time to visit. A holiday to Burma can be very varied and is sure to be a memorable experience.


Tailor-made holidays in Asia - Nepal

Himalayan trekking is synonymous with Nepal but it also has much more to offer than Everest and Annapurna. The hustle and bustle of downtown Kathmandu, with its Hindu and Buddhist temples, contrasts with the steamy lowlands, host to the one-horned rhino, the great Indian hornbill and the mighty tiger. Mountain trekking, wildlife watching and oodles of culture; a perfect cocktail.

Sri Lanka

Tailor-made holidays in Asia - Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is a varied tropical island paradise. Its 2000 plus years of culture can be unlocked whilst visiting some of its UNESCO World Heritage sites, legendary temples, lush tea plantations, stunning beaches and wildlife abundant national parks. Sri Lanka really does have something for everyone: trekkers, wildlife enthusiasts, divers, surfers, culture vultures and beach worshippers.


Tailor-made holidays in Asia - Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan lies at the heart of the ancient Silk Road. The cities of Samarkand, Bukhara and Khiva are full of dazzling monuments, mosques, palaces and bazars surrounded by barren desert. The fertile Fergana Valley has orchards and silk is still produced today. Uzbekistan is a fascinating country to visit and likely to be different to anywhere you've been before.


Tailor-made holidays in Asia - Vietnam

A fascinating country of many influences. From the French colonial legacy of Hanoi, with it's elegant boulevards, romantic lakes and parks dotted throughout the city, to the colourful northern hill tribes of Sapa, dramatic limestone towers at Halong Bay, vibrant Saigon and the Mekong Delta in the south.

We can arrange holidays to many more countries than those listed on this website.

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